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We use food grade raw material in our manufacturing process.

Liquid silicon rubber isimported from Germany and japan.

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Baby Nasal Decongester

So your baby can breathe freely again. As cold can take its toll on a baby because, at the start, a baby breathes solely through its nose. A blocked nose can thus interfere with feeding, unsettle your baby and makeit hard for him to sleep. With the Nasal Decongester, your babies nose can be unblocked and gently. Simply press the pump bulb together, carefully hold the nozzle to one of your baby's nostrils and keep the other nostril closed with your finger. Slowly release the pressure on the bulb and your baby's nose will start to decongest, releasing the mucus. The wide safety nozzle prevents you from insefting the decongester too fa into your baby's nose.


  • Colors : Transparent with different color bulbs.
  • Material : Food Grade plastic.
Packings : Single Packing & Carton Packing